Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SETI Institute special offer: Confessions of an Alien Hunter

Here is a special offer from the SETI Institute:

The SETI Institute is celebrating Senior Astronomer
Seth Shostak's new book Confessions of an Alien Hunter with a great offer - Sign up as a new TeamSETI member, and Seth will personalize and autograph a copy of his book for you for just $15.00!

Seth's book offers an entertaining and expert account of the facts, fantasies, and future of finding intelligence elsewhere in the universe, and how real science differs from the Hollywood view of extraterrestrial life. As noted in the Washington Post's book review, "this book is compelling and thought-provoking." You can listen to Seth discuss the book on this week's Are We Alone? radio show.

And by becoming a TeamSETI member with this offer, you will not only receive a great read, but you will also support the research behind the story - and reap the benefits of joining our TeamSETI family.

We hope you'll choose to take advantage of this special opportunity, and
join TeamSETI today!

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