Sunday, August 10, 2008

Science News & Blog Updates: Aug. 10, 2008

Science News:
MSNBC: Amateur astronomer spots gassy ‘cosmic ghost’: There have been quite a few articles about the recently discovered "cosmic ghost", and here is another one from MSNBC. Congrats to Hanny van Arkel, the Dutch amateur astronomer who discovered the object as part of the Galaxy Zoo Project. You have to love the nickname: "Hanny's Voorwerp"!

Moses Lake doubles for the Moon: KOMONews.Com posted this article a while back about NASA conducting tests with prototype space suits and vehicles in Moses Lake WA. According to the article "The tests started in late May in the Moses Lake Sand Dunes, a 3,000-acre off-road vehicle park." The article is fairly detailed and has some great shots of the spaces suits and vehicles. One thing I didn't know about Moses Lake is that there is a closed B-52 base there that NASA has designated as an emergency landing site for the space shuttle. Hopefully NASA will come back for more tests, and if they do it might be worth a trip out to Moses Lake to maybe catch a glimpse of the new Lunar hardware.

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